Our mission is to develop and provide sustainable cleaning solutions for industry, using renewable, re-growable resources.

We envision a better world, with clean water, in which technological advances are used to their best advantage, and the highest level of integrity and ethical practice are maintained.

Bob Wagner is the Founder & CEO of Nitmoi Labs Inc.

The company mission is to provide cleaning solutions for a sustainable future.

Bob has pioneered the environmental vision for cleaning products since the 1980’s. With a long list of experience in chemical engineering field at Molson Brewers, NHC, Multi-Blend Ltd. Qwatro Corporation and now Nitmoi Labs Inc.

Bob launched an exclusive line of Ecologo certified  products for Shoppers Drug Mart called  Clean PLANET ™  in 2008.

Bob recognized the need for environmentally friendly cleaning products very early in his career  and created some of the first products using renewable, re-growable  resources for commercial and industrial industries such as the oil and gas, automotive,  food and beverage and other markets. As well as focusing on the overall environmental impact by reducing packaging and improved packaging material.

One of Bob’s trailblazing initiatives include being the first to realize the value of the Ecologo Certification in North America, and was the first to receive certification of a Biological cleaner using beneficial microbes and enzymes to clean.

Nitmoi Labs Inc. now boasts an extensive line of sustainable cleaning products. 

Bob Wagner, Founder & CEO