Biological Floor Cleaner & Degreaser For Food Plant and Restaurant Use

Deep Cleaning  |  Environmentally Safe  |  Highly Effective


BF-500 is a biological floor cleaner that is highly effective in penetrating porous floor surfaces to degrade and eliminate grease and other organic materials that may accumulate over time. BF-500’s synergistic combination of microbial technology provides long term deep cleaning by removing embedded residual organic material found in pores, cracks, corners and crevices. BF-500 produces enzymes that are specifically selected for the breakdown of the harder to degrade fatty acid components of grease. Continual use will improve the waste stream by creating a bio-film in all of the drains used, which will reduce organic build-up in drains and enhance any biological grease trap treatment.  Sizes: 4×4 litre; 20 litre; 210 litre

Product Features

  • Superior Deep Cleaning technology
  • Eliminates grease and other organic materials
  • Long term deep cleaning spores reactivated with water
  • Improves waste stream
  • Cleans floors and grout
  • Effectively controls malodors
  • Reduces conditions that would encourage pests
  • Reduces slippage through the removal of grease on floors


  • Food Plant Floors
  • Restaurant Kitchen Floors
  • Cafeterias
  • Grocery Stores Where Food is Prepared
  • Hospitals
  • Barns & Animal Shelter

Physical Properties

Appearance:                    Green Liquid
Odour:                                 Perfumed Scent
Bacteria Type:                 Proprietary Blend of Bacillus Spores
Salmonella/Shigella:    Guaranteed free
pH :                                       7.5-8.5
Cleaning Ability:            Excellent
Stability:                            2 Years at 2°C – 35°C