Biological Odour Eliminator



Bionator is a highly effective odour eliminator and deep cleaner, which quickly and easily eliminates organic odours at the source. Combines “odour control technology” which rapidly binds and holds the bad odours with “biological activity” then destroys the bound bad odour molecules – thus eliminating the odour. Bionator also contains sophisticated, non-resoiling cleaning capabilities designed specifically for fabric carpet and upholstery stain and odour removal.


  • Carpet & Upholstery
  • Pet Areas
  • Garbage Collection Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Sports facilities
  • Agricultural production
  • Floors in Kitchens
  • Food Plant
  • Receiving and Shipping docks

Physical Properties

Physical State:        Turbid Liquid
Odour                          Pleasant
pH:                                 7.5-8.5
Bacterial Type:        Blend of Bacillus Spores
Storage Stability    2 years at 2°C – 35°C (35°F – 95°F)

Product Features

  • Contains biological activity that seeks out and digests organic odor causing molecules
  • Eliminates malodors such as urine, sweat, rancid foods and other organic odours
  • Ideal for stain and odour removal from carpets and upholstery Will seep through carpet padding and upholstery to get deep into the fibers where urine and other organic odour molecules hide
  • Highly effective in garbage collection areas – will even eliminate fruit flies which cannot nest due to the nature of the probiotics formula Contains no VOC’s*