Solvent Cleaner

Biodegradable | Non-Toxic  |  Non-Flammable


Ener-Sol is an environmentally friendly biodegradable alternative to toxic solvents specifically designed for rapid solubilization of, grease, oils and break dust found on automotive & heavy equipment. Ener-Sol 10 contains Bio based solvents and plant based wetting agents that allow it to be rinsed with water. Ener-Sol 10 contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzenes, toluenes or xylenes. Ener-Sol 10 is the only choice for solvent degreasing in environmentally sensitive areas. Also widely used  for degreasing of heavy bitumen type soils. Ener-Sol 10 is VOC exempt.


Apply product to surface by using low pressure pump sprayer, brush, mop or rag. Let stand 3-5 minutes. Surface can then be rinsed with a high pressure washer or hot steam pressure system. Consult your associate for various application details.

Physical Properties

Appearance:             Clear liquid
Odour:                          Slight solvent odor
Boiling Point:              213-232°C / 416-449°
Flash Point:                 194F /90C
Vapor Pressure:        (@20 °C): 0.05 mmHg
Solubility in water:   Negligible
Vapor Density:           5.9
Viscosity:                     2.4 cSt @ 20°C
Pour Point:                  <-67.8°C, <-90°F
Density:                       0.810 g/cm3 @ 15.5 °C

Packaging/ Handling

Ener-Sol is available in , 20L pails, 208L drums, 1000L totes and in bulk. Before using this product please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for all safety and handling information.

Please contact your local  Manufacturing associate for various application details.

This green product works as well or better than a conventional product, is very effective and Environmentally Safe.