H2S Scavenger


NeutraGas 365 is a blend of revolutionary chemistries developed to neutralize H2S. It contains no triazines or amines, nor does it contain or produce any formaldehydes.

Sizes: 20Litre, 210Litre, 1000L



  • Fracking
  • Scrubbers
  • Abandonments
  • Municipal sewage
  • Trucking & Haulage
  • Storage Tanks
  • Work overs
  • Tailing Ponds

Physical Properties

Appearance                  Clear
Odour:                               None
pH:                                      9.3-9.5
Specific Gravity:          1.06
Biodegradability:        Complete per OECD 301D

Product Features

  • Non-toxic to humans or aquatic life non-corrosive environmentally friendly. Contains no hazardous ingredients. Completely safe for personnel to handle and no harmful effects to the environment (biodegradable).
  • Produces no precipitates-does not promote scaling at all – passes harmlessly
  • through pumps and filters.
  • CO2 has limited effect on NeutraGas 365.
  • NeutraGas 365 will also bond with/remove iron sulfide.
  • Tested and approved by several refineries as an acceptable replacement for Triazines.
  • Tested and approved by several pressure pumping (fracturing) companies for use with their frac fluids.
  • Simple application methods – no expensive capital equipment required.
  • Outperforms all other scavengers in loading efficiency. Very cost competitive option for H2S treatment.