• Easy to use
  • Eliminates free standing liquids
  • Decreases metal leachability
  • Generates little or no heat
  • Helps meet disposal requirements
  • Ideally suited for heavy metals, suspended solids, soils and greases


NL-Floc is a blend of organic and inorganic coagulants and reactants having the ability to break oil emulsions, complex heavy metals, flocculate suspended solids and produce a non-leachable sludge.


NL-Floc is designed for industries that require their waste to be treated prior to disposal. NL-Floc is a highly effective waste stabilization agent that will help your industry or municipality meet new waste disposal regulations at a very economical cost.

Physical Properties

Type:                       Powdered Polymers
Appearance:      Grey Free Flowing Powder
Flammability:    Nonflammable
Toxicity:                Low
Composition:    Blend of organic and inorganic coagulants and floculants

Product Features

  • One step removal of heavy metals, oils and suspended solids
  • Only one mixing tank
  • Only one additive – NL-Floc!
  • Easily dewatered sludge – passing leachate tests, qualifying for non-hazardous disposal criteria
  • Unlike traditional treatments, NL-Floc does not require multiple steps to address each contaminant
  • Traditional treatments usually entail large capital investment and multiplicity of chemical additives
  • Traditional treatments generally produce hazardous sludge resulting in high disposal costs