Heavy Duty Degreaser

Free Rinsing  |  Non Flammable  |  No VOC’s


NL-250 degreaser contains a complex and very unique mixture of nonionic and anionic plant-based surfactants with natural mineral complexing agents. NL-250 is an excellent choice for chemical cleaning of hydrocarbon foulants such as oils, greases, waxes, gums, tars and coke. Safe on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. NL-250 degreaser provides a highly effective and easy-to-use alternative to compounds containing volatile organic solvents, halogenated solvents, petroleum-based degreasers and inorganic phosphates. Contains no heavy metals – biodegradable and exhibits little environmental impact when disposed of properly. On-site use eliminates cost of dismantling equipment, sending it off-site for cleaning services and reassembling.


NL-250 can be diluted: 1 part concentrate with 10-50 parts water for general light cleaning. For heavy duty cleaning dilute 1 part NL-250 with 5-10 parts water depending on soil. Note: Soil conditions will vary, therefore trial of different dilution rates is recommended to determine proper dilution for the job.

Packaging / Handling

NL-250 is available in 4L jugs, 20L pails, 208L drums, 1000L totes and in bulk. Before using this product please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for all safety and handling information.

Please contact your local area manager for various application details.

This green product works superior to conventional non-green products and is Environmentally Safe.

Physical Properties

Physical State:                 Liquid
Odour/Appearance:    Water thin, clear blue, mild odor
Specific Gravity:             1.04+/- 0.05
Solubility in water:        Soluble
Freezing Point:                0 °C/ 32 °F
Boiling Point:                   100 °C/ 212 °F
pH:                                       11.8 +/- 0.2