Environmentally Safe Biological Treatment

Biodegradable  |  Non-Acid  |  Non-Alkaline  |  Odour Control Multi Strain Fast Acting  |  Highly Effective against Vegetable Oils |    Reduces FOG & BOD


Q7 is a liquid biological bacterial treatment that works immediately to maintain grease traps and drains, control odours in dry septic systems such as pit toilets, and control FOG and BOD in sewage treatment plants. Q7 degrades Fats, Oils, and Greases (F.O.G.) and liquefies and digests organic waste, leaving a pleasant odor. The biodegradable demulsifying surfactants separate water from FOG allowing grease traps, separators and bacteria to work more effectively.



  • Grease Traps
  • Wet Wells
  • Sewage Plants
  • Food Plants
  • Toilet Bowls, Urinals & Drains
  • Portable Toilets/ Outdoor Toilets

Product Features

  • Effective biological action reduces odors associated with grease traps within hours of application.
  • Blend of 7 highly effective strains
  • Proven rapid degradation of vegetable, soy, canola and olive oil
  • Enhanced anaerobic and aerobic activity
  • Superior germination outgrowth
  • Highly effective deodorizer
  • Grease biodegradation significantly outperforms competitive products

Physical Properties

Appearance:                 Turbid Straw Color
Odour:                              Fresh Pleasant Neutralizing Odour
pH:                                      6.5-7.5
Enzyme Production:    Lipase/Protease/Amylase/Cellulase/Urease
Bacterial Count:           757 billion cfu/gallon 2.00e+08 cfu/ml
Solubility:                         Complete with Water