Environmentally Safe Powdered Biological Treatment

Biodegradable  | Bacillus Spores | Odour Control Multi Strain Fast Acting | Highly Effective against Vegetable Oils, Reduces FOG & BOD


Optimized proprietary bacterial consortium degrades a broader spectrum of substrates Q7P is a powdered biological bacterial treatment that works immediately to lower and maintain levels of FOG, BOD, TSS and foul odors.

Q7P degrades Fats, Oils, and Greases (F.O.G.) and liquefies and digests organic waste. Significant reduction in waste volume.

Sizes 11.5 kg 22.7kg    (2,4 and 8oz dissolvable bio-pouches available on special order)



  • Industrial waste water plants
  • Food Plants
  • Collection systems in animal farms
  • Waste Lagoons
  • Sewage treatment
  • Portable Toilets/Outdoor Toilets

Product Features

  • Effective biological action reduces odors associated with sewage and sanitary pits within hours of application
  • Blend of 7 highly effective strains
  • Proven rapid degradation of vegetable, soy, canola and olive oil
  • Enhanced anaerobic and aerobic activity
  • Superior germination outgrowth
  • Eliminates malodors at source
  • Grease biodegradation significantly outperforms competitive products
  • Competes with SRB’s (Sulfur Reducing Bacteria) to eliminate and prevent H2S

Physical Properties

Appearance:                  Tan free flowing powder
Odour:                               Earthy
Effective pH range:     3.5-11.5
Enzyme Production:    Lipase/Protease/Amylase/Cellulase/Urease
Bacterial Count:          5.00e+09 cfu/g
Solubility:                        Complete with Water