We at NITMOI Labs have been addressing this issue for over 15 years and now it will be law!!! These regulations are also coming into effect for the USA

Issues: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are precursors in the formation of ground-level ozone and particulate matter, two main components of smog. Currently, Canada does not have regulations in place to limit VOC emissions from certain product categories and meet its commitments under the Ozone Annex to the Canada-United States Air Quality Agreement. The existing voluntary guidelines recommending VOC concentration limits for consumer product categories have not been sufficient in meeting these objectives. A technical study commissioned by the Department of the Environment in 2014 found that VOC concentrations for some product categories are still above the voluntary limits. Currently, an estimated 50 kilotons of VOCs continue to be emitted annually from products used by consumers and in institutional, industrial and commercial applications.

Description: The Volatile Organic Compound Concentration Limits for Certain Products Regulations (the Regulations) will apply to Canadian manufacturers and importers and will establish VOC concentration limits for approximately 130 product categories and subcategories. This will include personal care products; automotive and household maintenance products; adhesives; adhesive removers; sealants and caulks; and other miscellaneous products.

Rationale: The Regulations will achieve VOC emission reductions and help Canada meet its national and international commitments. The reductions of VOC emissions are expected to lead to improvements in air quality. Between 2024 and 2033, the Regulations are expected to result in 250 kilotons of VOC emission reductions. The benefits of the proposed Regulations are expected to be approximately $886 million over the time frame of analysis, with total costs incurred by industry and government expected to be around $235 million between 2022 and 2033. The net benefits of the Regulations are estimated to be approximately $651 million.

Written by: Bob Wagner, Nitmoi Labs